OH...hi. It me

Or...Shannon is bad at things.

Hello space babes. It has been a hot minute and first, please don’t be alarmed.

Obviously, I’ve moved from TinyLetter here to Substack. OH hay new digs.

Um I have a LOT to tell y’all. A lot. So first, if you’d like to unsubscribe feel free to do so. We’re kind of doing a do over here and I want to make sure nobody is getting mails they don’t want.

I’m doing some things I’m excited about and I can’t wait to get into it.

Okay so if you’re still on board HOT DAMN. Also please invite friends who are creative, friends who might need a friendly word or four on occasion. I’m really looking forward to talking to y’all about what is in my lil heart.

Thanks for hanging in!